A little about my background, and where we started. In 2002-2003, my original breed was the Sheltie. They are amazing dogs, and I was blessed to have found some friends in the breed and finished some beautiful dogs. However, After many years, I decided I wanted a dog with a lot less grooming (and hubby wanted a lot less barking) In 2008, we decided to change directions and introduced what would be my forever heart dog Claire. After falling in love with her, the switch became pretty easy. I still have a Sheltie or two, but we primarily show Whippets now. I am a Breeder of Merit through AKC, and on occasion we will have show, performance, and companions puppies available. We focus on health, temperament, conformation, and structural soundness. In a short time we have met some amazing people, and learned from some of the greatest breeders. In efforts to continue this amazing breed, we're happy to answer any questions you may have about this wonderful breed, Thanks for visiting!

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